Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Hi! I am SO excited about this new blog! So many things to know. First, I have a special needs bro who is so very sweet and just loves everyone!!! Next, my family is amazing! I have A awesome dad, who you might of heard of on . I have an awesome mom! She is so cool and I love her so much! Then of course my brother Ben. He is the one with special needs. He is SO fun loving and he just turned 8 in October so he will be so thrilled with the brand new year!

I have become older and figured out that Ben appreciates life so much more than us. For example, you are amused with a new camera he is amused at seeing the pictures you take or maybe just the booklet!

I also have a dog. He is a chihuahua. He is very cute and you will be seeing pics of him soon! I used to have another dog also but we had an accident, he drowned a couple a couple months ago.

It was so hard to get through and to just think about him hurts, but I and the rest of the family knows he is happy where he is looking down at us! He was the perfect dog he loved Ben and the rest of everyone IN THE WORLD!!! He always licked everyone he met and only growled at people when he was protecting me or my bro, that only happened once EVER! He never bit anyone at all. He was always the halo not the horns, and I know that is him now.

I do love my other dog. He seems to be a nice dog compared to the other dogs of his kind. I do love him though, he just gets cranky, nervous or scared, or over-protective. He is sweet, and he was given to us because of Ben, by a lady who had bred her chihuahua to give the pups to special needs kids. So on a camping trip we brought home a puppy chihuahua!!!

So the last of my family is my cat. She is what you would call a tortoise breed. A mix between a tabby and a calico. She is so sweet and adorable in fact she is nice to me and Ben. She thinks we are her kittens and loves us to death! We all love her to but everyone knows she is "my cat". I will show a picture of her to you later! I have the best of all friends. I won't name names but they all go to my school! I love everyone I just named either as family, pet, or best friends. I hope everyone reading had a wonderful Christmas and a great new year! Thanks so much for reading, Jessie


Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

It's very good to "meet" you and your family Jess ;) You write very well. Can't wait to "hear" more of your thoughts and see more of your beautiful pics!!!

Gretchen said...

Can't wait to read and see more, Jess! Love your pictures.


christy said...

hey Jessie-

I am so proud of you! I love your pictures. You don't know who lucky you are to find a passion about something and really get to fly with it (and you have dance and photography!).

I can't wait to show boyce. She will be very jealous and a little intimdated! I am glad you are showing her what she can do.

You better figure out what you want to trade- because as your dad will tell you...I only trade with really cool artist that do some great stuff...and you fit right in!


Sandi said...

Hi Jessie... I found your blog through your dad and Ben's blog and am so excited to see more of your photography! :)

Lisa b said...

Hi Jessie.
It is so nice to 'meet' you.

What a wonderful tribute to your family. I think you are all so lucky to have each other.

We have a collaborative work by your dad and Ben so I can see that artistic talent runs in the family.
I look forward to seeing your work here!